mercredi 22 août 2012

CHEP beverage trays reduce cardboard packaging waste, provide a 'one-touch' packaging solution

Pallet and packaging supplier CHEP Australia has been named a finalist in the Environmental Innovation category of the awards for the deployment of its beverage tray equipment pool for the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector.

The Environmental Innovation award recognises "new technology, design or research that results in significant resource savings, new approaches in sustainable practice or innovative change in environmental management."

The NSW Government notes that CHEP's beverage trays eliminate around 1,250 tonnes of one-way cardboard packaging waste each year from the beverage supply chain.

Designed as a 'one-touch' packaging solution, these trays can be used for storage, transportation and in-store retail displays, not only reducing the amount of packaging required at each point in the supply chain, but also significantly reducing transport fuel use and associated greenhouse gas emissions.

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