dimanche 24 juillet 2011

The Reality of Bioplastics - Do They Help You Live a Greener Life?

Bioplastics are complicated, and largely misunderstood. With all the marketing hype surrounding them, and the information left unsaid, it is no surprise that consumers are confused.

Even those in the manufacturing, plastics and packaging industries have little understanding of how they actually work, or what their limitations are - and what retailers and consumers think (or assume) they are purchasing is often very different than the reality.

Myth vs Reality: Myth #1

Bioplastics are better than plastic. The truth: there are many different types of bioplastics available, but only the most cost effective solutions are in use today - and they aren't necessarily any better than traditional plastic.
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Myth vs. Reality: Myth #2

Bioplastic means biodegradable plastic. Many people assume bioplastic means biodegradable plastic. The truth is that the term "bioplastic" has nothing to do with biodegradability.

Myth vs. Reality: Myth #3

The newest additive technology guarantees environmentally friendly plastic.

Some of the newest biodegradable plastic solutions attracting global attention leverage the use of advanced additives within the resin mix. They are growing in popularity because they do not require the plastic manufacturing process to be changed in any way, they fit in a normal recycle stream, and some even allow plastic to biodegrade in any landfill environment - aerobic or anaerobic.

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