mercredi 13 juillet 2011

Packaging Europe: Innovations in paper and board packaging/ Bioplastics: A viable Alternative?

I recommend these two interesting articles published on the latest edition of Packaging Europe.

Innovations in paper and board packaging

Paper-based materials are the focus of some of the most innovative developments in the packaging
industry today. Packaging Europe picks out some of the most notable innovations in the field – from papermaking machinery and coatings to packs and containers.

Bioplastics: A viable Alternative?

As relatively new materials still only in their second generation, bioplastics currently have a
global market share of well under one per cent. But with the development of more sophisticated
plant-based materials an increasing reality, are we going to see a significant growth in their
uptake for packaging over the next few years? Victoria Hattersley talks to some industry experts to find out more.

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