lundi 12 août 2013

Vacuum skin packaging: Reduce Food Waste and Enhance Shelf Life

Vacuum skin packaging seals meat portions between base film and a heat-softened top film, which is vacuum drawn onto the meat surface to give a skin tight pack. Vacuum skin packaging Advantages:
  • Attractive presentation and maximum shelf life
  • Enables vertical and hanging presentation
  • The perfectly contoured upper film displays high-quality products to their best advantage 
  • Use of films with barrier properties extends the product shelf life and minimizes leakage
  • Easy opening options
  • Wide choice of packaging materials including glossy and metallized surfaces
  • Secures products in place

Europe’s leading multi-material packaging manufacturer, LINPAC Packaging, has worked in partnership with machine manufacturer Mondini and film manufacturer Bemis to create a pack which combines the extended shelf life benefits of vacuum skin film technologies with the presentation and protection benefits of rigid preformed trays for Booths Fresh.

After admiring VSP solutions on offer at other retailers, Booths decided to move from modified atmosphere packaging for some of their meat products and asked LINPAC to develop a solution for them.

LINPAC Packaging’s continual innovation programme has enabled the company to develop a competitive alternative to the standard sheet skin packs traditionally used in vacuum skin packing.  To suit the various cuts of meat currently on sale LINPAC had developed three application styles for use with rPET, PP and EPS trays. 

1. Normal vacuum skin pack (below the flange protrusion)
2. Protruding vacuum skin pack (slightly above the flange protrusion)
3. Super-protruding vacuum skin pack (High protrusion above the flange)

Chris Elliott Technical Sales Manager at LINPAC Packaging, said: “Our innovative vacuum skin pack rigid solutions provide enhanced consumer appeal, shelf space efficiency and maximum protection to products during transit and in store. The preformed tray gives a higher quality look and feel to packs and this, combined with the extended shelf life provided by these packs, means our customers are getting the very best from their packaging.

Within the first three months, sales of meat had increased by 80% on some premium products and food waste was down significantly due to the extended shelf life qualities offered by VSP.

MapleLeaf Farms Introduces Innovative Vacuum Skin Packaging

Maple Leaf Farms, North America’s leading producer of quality duck products for retail and foodservice markets announced today that it is transitioning to vacuum skin packaging for all retail raw duck breast and duck leg products. The new packaging, the culmination of a three-year research and development effort, offers a myriad of benefits to consumers and retailers.

Research conducted by Brand Amplitude shows strong consumer acceptance for the new packaging. Seventy five percent of consumers preferred the visibility of the new vacuum skin pack in a side-by-side comparison with the existing carton. These results were consistent across age group, gender, duck purchase frequency and Maple Leaf Farm customer versus non-customer. The vacuum skin packaging outperformed the carton on all positive descriptors - taste, health, premium product, gourmet product.

Escalating consumer interest in preparing duck at home led to the packaging transition. “The new packaging provides a means for consumers to examine the entire product, which is an important factor when purchasing raw food, particularly high-end proteins,” explained Cindy Turk, Director of Duck Marketing for Maple Leaf Farms.

The new packaging technology, which has been on the market for several years, offers numerous benefits including:
  • A clear view of the entire product so consumers can inspect quality and size
  • “Easy peel” corner for convenient package opening
  • Cooking instructions under the flip up label
  • Reduced packaging materials by 17%

For retailers, the new packaging creates a more appealing presence on the shelf and offers multiple display options. The products can be displayed upright in customized trays or on a pegboard for multiple display possibilities. The new vacuum skin pack duck products can offer retailers a point of differentiation and excitement for their customers.

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