dimanche 9 juin 2013

CoRR Paper Foodservice Packaging Conference: Wrap-up and videos

Thanks to Scott Seydel for recording and sharing our last Food Packaging CoRR Conference, held in Washington few weeks ago. 

Discussion Panel

Lily Kelly, Director of Global Green's Coalition for Resource Recycling organized a panel of experts on recyclable wholesale fresh food packaging at the CoRR's member meeting in the nation's Capitol on April 4, 2013. The panel included box manufacturers Islem Yezza of Cascades and Jeremy Bower of Interstate Resources, along with recyclable moisture barrier coating company representatives Dave Grillo from the Chemol Company and Stefan Richwine from Spectra-Kote. Clips of comments from the assembled members are included by Clark Seydel of the Seydel Companies, and Chuck Klass of Klass Associates. Earlier speakers included Sara Hartwell of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Edmund Miller of the U.S. Department of Defense, Chris Weiss of the DC Environmental Network, Mary Lynn Wilhere of the DC Department of the Environment and Taste of Washington, and Hiroki Nanko of Taizen. 

Click Here to watch the Discussion Panel Video (Duration 7:45 min)  

You find below my talk entitled: "Recyclable coated paper for Food service Packaging":


Chuck Klass of Klass Associates Inc, shared with us latest trends in OCC supply and demand: 1) Prices will continue to escalate; 2) Recyclable barrier coatings replacing waxing can increase supply but are not a long term answer to the shortage 3) Recycling mills may need to utilize alternative sources of recycled fiber 4) Installing a parallel system to process the “side stream” can make economic sense. 

Click Here to watch Chuck Klass Presentation (Duration 27:30 min) 

Hiroki Nanko of Georgia describes machinery, equipment, and processing used in an exciting new processing line that separates plastic laminated films from carton and cup stock fibers such that they can be recycled in conventional recycled paper and linerboard mills. 

Click Here to watch Hiroki Nanko Presentation (Duration 8:20 min) 

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