lundi 9 mars 2009

Coca-Cola UK Details Carbon Footprint

Coca-Cola today released details of the carbon footprint of some of its most popular drinks: ‘Coca-Cola', ‘diet Coke' and ‘Coke Zero'. It is the first time that the carbon footprint of any brand of sparkling drinks has been certified by the Carbon Trust.

The results reveal that a 330ml can of ‘Coca-Cola' sold in Great Britain has a carbon footprint of 170 grams and the same sized can of ‘diet Coke' or ‘Coke Zero' has a footprint of 150 grams. A 330ml glass bottle of ‘Coca-Cola' has a footprint of 360 grams.

The research also revealed how packaging accounts for the largest portion of the drink's carbon footprint, between 30 - 70%, depending on the type of container used. However, the research went on to highlight the importance of both using recycled content and of encouraging recycling post use. A combination of these two factors can decrease the overall carbon footprint of a product by up to 60%.

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